Have some questions about our company and our web site?  We know, you’re not the only one!  Here’s the most common questions people ask and our answers to you.

Q:  How can Butterfly Weddings help me, or what is Butterfly Weddings?

A:  Butterfly Weddings is a business committed to you having the best wedding you possibly can!  We are a very versatile company and can adjust to your needs.  Almost all of your planning can be done online through our web site, but we would also like to meet you in person, since we believe the process of planning your wedding should be a very personal one.

Q:  Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?

A:  Absolutely!  Our web site uses an account with Pay Pal that is completely secure and easy to use.

Q:  Do you guys only do the wedding, the reception, or do you work with both?

A:  We are happy to work with both the reception and the wedding, although if you would only like us to help with one or the other, we are fine with that!

Q:  Do you have a privacy policy?

A:  Yes!  Legal

Q:  Can I get a discount for referring my friends to you?

A:  Since we are a very personal business, we would be glad to discuss discounts with you for referring other people to us.

Q:  What services does Butterfly Weddings offer?

A:   We are a gateway for you to get the best products at the best prices with the least amount of work and effort from you.  Some of the services we help you with include, but are not at all limited to: Transportation, Photography, Music, Hotels, Flowers, Registering, Catering, and Invitations.  Basically, anything you could possibly need for your wedding, we are willing to help with.

Q:  What can I expect to spend on my wedding?

A:  The average wedding in 2009 cost just above $20,000.  We believe we can help you to keep that cost as low as possible, but you should probably anticipate spending around $15,000, minimum.

Q:  Can I do an indoor OR outdoor wedding?

A:  YES!  We are glad to accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings!

Q:  How should I start my wedding planning process?

A:  Contact Us










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