Just in case you thought we were full of ourselves, we thought we’d give you some shout-outs from past customers who got to have the wedding of their dreams!

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Butterfly Weddings was a life saver for me!  This was my third wedding, and having 4 children already, I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to spend planning for my wedding.  There’s no way I could have had such a wonderful wedding day without your help!  Thank you so much for your great service!  ~Amy & John

 I have always dreamed of having a wonderful wedding that was bigger than life, but I was worried about some of my friend’s bad experience happening to me.  I didn’t know if I would be capable of reserving all the best catering, flowers, and location for my reception.  I frantically searched for help and found Butterfly Weddings.  They helped me to put all of my ideas into a plan that would eventually turn into the wedding of a lifetime!  They were able to reserve a beautiful hotel, lock down one of the best cooks in the city, and help me to create a floor plan that put most weddings to shame!  I’m relieved that I had such a great helper in this stressful process.  ~Jenny & Jon

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Coordinating such an important day over the Internet can be daunting - but with such efficient, helpful and pleasant Wedding Coordinators - nothing could, or did, go wrong. We had such a wonderful Wedding in such a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The Day will always be memorable and cherished and I am so pleased we chose get help from Butterfly Weddings!  I would definitely recommend Butterfly Weddings to anyone I know that wants to have a hoppin’ wedding!

~Kayla & Kerry


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